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Artist Nathan is our Old School/Traditional specialist, but is happy to take on most other styles. He joined the Pictures of Lily team in 2016 as a part-time artist; things are going so well, he’s now one of our full-time tattooists.

Nath is a local lad, from Biggleswade and some of you may know him as lead singer from the metal band Scar City. His two passions are tattooing and music, both of which he’s awesome at! Scar City have recently folded, but you can download their awesome 2017 album ‘Blood In, Blood Out’ by following this link:

Nath is currently starting up a new band, so keeps your eyes and ears open for updates.

He began tattooing about seven years ago, admiring this form of art and having a love for the timeless classics, sitting fascinated while watching other artists tattooing him. He has always favoured the Old School/Traditional style and has a keen interest in the codes and practices of Russian prison tattoos.

It’s hard to persuade Nath to take time off, as he loves his work so much! He strives to do the best he can and is always researching his craft, believing that you never stop learning. He admires the work of artists such as Oliver Peck, Todd Noble, Samuele Briganti and ofcourse Sailor Jerry.

Nath has loads of cool flash designs to choose from if you’re not sure what you’re after and is happy to make up a custom piece just for you. Interested in getting some work done by Nath? Then swing by the studio or contact us.

Check out his work on our Facebook page and follow him on Instagram.


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