Meet Amber

Apprentice Amber has been with us since 2016, when she first arrived on her school work experience from Stratton Upper School. A pretty cool place to do your 2 week work placement at 15 years old huh? Due to her love for drawing, she wanted to develop her art skills, so what better place and at the time Amber had no idea she would fall in love with the art of tattooing.

Amber was like a sponge and absorbed all that we taught her, not only with her art skills, but in her learning of how the studio runs. Impressed by her work ethic and abilities, we could see real potential for her to be a great tattooist, so offered her an apprenticeship, which she accepted. In the years she has been with us, she has developed in to a hardworking, mature young lady with a huge talent for tattooing. In 2018 Amber turned 18, so we could finally let her loose on the public after years of tattooing fake skin, family members and Pictures of Lily staff all under the supervision of our senior artist Pete.

Amber is yet to decide what style she favours or may want to concentrate on in the future and is currently happy taking on any style that is within her capabilities. She continues to learn and improve by observing our full-time artists and following various artists on social media, some her favourites being Hannah Monte, Paul Terry & Kevin O’Connell to name just a few.

Follow Amber on her Instagram page to see her work and if you’re interested in getting some work done by Amber, contact the studio and get booked in.


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