Common Piercing Problems

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Most people worry about the general aches and tenderness after being pierced. After having a needle and a bit of metal stuck through your body, this is quite normal. Some piercings can be more tender than others and for longer than any of us would like.

Cartilage piercings (ear and nose), despite being the most popular, can actually be more difficult to heal due to the possibility of getting knocked and are more prone to bacteria bubbles and lumps/bumps. With a little patience and the correct care these are easy to get rid of.

Piercings can migrate; some are more prone to this than others. It can be more likely to happen if you catch them. Some bodies can also just reject piercings and if yours is one of those, then there’s just nowt you can do it about it.

Any piercing carries with it a risk; after all you are sticking a hole and a foreign object in to your body. The more piercings you have in one sitting and if around the same area, the longer it may take to heal, as a piercing is, in a sense, a minor surgical operation and could be considered a trauma for the body.

The whole thing is not to panic and get in contact if you’re at all worried.

We’re here to help! Get in touch if you’d like to discuss this with us further.


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