April 2019

The Importance of Using Good Quality Jewellery


Why is it important to use high quality body jewellery? High quality professional body jewellery isn’t the same as regular jewellery, in fact its composition, design and finish are very different. Body jewellery goes IN or THROUGH the body, this is similar to a dental or medical implant such as the two bolts I [...]

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February 2018

It’s All Gold!


Recently Pictures of Lily started stocking 18K body jewellery, handmade by Goldsmith Danila Tarcinale. Let me tell you abit more about this amazing jewellery and the lovely Danila. Danila originates from Turin in Italy and came to London in 1990, where she began working in various jewellery establishments such as Jess James and Into You. [...]

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January 2018

When is the best time to get tattooed and pierced?


Many people start to think more about getting tattoos and piercings in the summer when they expose their bodies more, but is this really the best time? Exposure to direct sunlight causes tattoos to fade, but exposing a healing tattoo to the sun presents an even bigger problem. New tattoos are extremely sensitive and you [...]

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Ear Lobe Piercing


CHILDREN’S EARLOBE PIERCING One of the questions we get asked often is “Do you pierce children’s earlobes”?  The answer is YES! We are happy to pierce children 7+, with mum or dad present. Children’s earlobe piercing is one of the most rewarding services we offer.  It is a privilege to get kids started out right; [...]

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October 2017

Stockists of Industrial Strength Jewellery


I'm proud to say, Pictures of Lily are now stocking the amazing jewellery created by Industrial Strength. They are the professional piercers first choice for body jewellery the world over. So, if you’re looking for something a bit special, come by the studio and check out the beautiful handcrafted Industrial Strength pieces. Due to the [...]

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March 2017

Lumps & Bumps on Piercings


Lumps and bumps on your piercings? This is one of the most common issues people can have with cartilage and navel piercings. The main thing is not to worry and most importantly, you do not need to remove your piercing. These things are easy to deal with and with a little patience and care, you [...]

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October 2016

Can the Daith Piercing Help Migraines?


Recently a number of migraine sufferers have found that having a certain part of the ear pierced has helped with their headaches/migraines. The Daith is a small part of the inner ear cartilage and is very discreet and not obvious, so can suit those not really into piercings. Although not scientifically proven, it is believed [...]

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Genital Piercing; Dispelling the Myths!


Male and female genital piercings are not as uncommon as you might think. While it is true that some people are freaked by the mere idea of getting a piercing ‘down there’, there are others who can’t think of anything more exciting and daring. Why? They’re sexy! Plus, many genital piercings provide sexual pleasure…but which [...]

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Common Piercing Misconceptions


Our body naturally produces a small amount of fluid when healing; this is plasma. When it dries it will leave crust around the pierced area, along with some localised swelling. This is NOT an infection and is just the body trying to deal with a foreign object and all part of the healing process. Unfortunately [...]

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September 2016

General Piercing Aftercare


Common sense should prevail here, basically, don’t be a dirty bugger Keep your piecing clean, with the solution provided by your piercer, or by using rock salt/sea salt (not table salt) mixed with boiled water. Ensure you have clean hands, or wear latex gloves when cleaning. Be gentle and soak any crust away. DO NOT [...]

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