October 2016

Common Piercing Misconceptions


Our body naturally produces a small amount of fluid when healing; this is plasma. When it dries it will leave crust around the pierced area, along with some localised swelling. This is NOT an infection and is just the body trying to deal with a foreign object and all part of the healing process. Unfortunately [...]

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September 2016

General Piercing Aftercare


Common sense should prevail here, basically, don’t be a dirty bugger Keep your piecing clean, with the solution provided by your piercer, or by using rock salt/sea salt (not table salt) mixed with boiled water. Ensure you have clean hands, or wear latex gloves when cleaning. Be gentle and soak any crust away. DO NOT [...]

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Common Piercing Problems


Most people worry about the general aches and tenderness after being pierced. After having a needle and a bit of metal stuck through your body, this is quite normal. Some piercings can be more tender than others and for longer than any of us would like. Cartilage piercings (ear and nose), despite being the most [...]

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